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Ghost Stories - Sydney Opera House

Ghost Stories first puts you on the edge of your seat, then tantalisingly beckons you closer, unveiling slowly and with great spooky artistry a phantasmagorical tale of terror.

Fall in love with the show while squirming with anticipation. Ghost Stories is a terrific example of the horror genre seldom seen in theatres. The audience is transported back in time to a world of sincerity, a world of campfire stories and truly awesome magicians presenting headless women and bearded ladies to the peeled-back eyelids of brawny men and the shrieks of dainty women.

This piece is a fantastic testament to horror and the value of entertainment. Director Peter J Snee constructs, on stage, an event that grips the audience, has some blurting out high-pitched squeals, and has everyone trying to laugh off the fear that creeps forth from the stage. It’s quite a feat, managing to suspend an audience’s disbelief to such a degree that the final exit is accompanied by sweaty palms and tight chests.

The actors deserve credit, playing as they do into the genre so well, exhibiting just enough caricature to give the tale the fantasy it needs while simultaneously remaining grounded in reality. The Drama Theatre has also incorporated a spellbinding set and lighting design; this in itself is reason enough to experience Ghost Stories. Story and set move from driving solo down a dark, long road to a lecture hall to the depths of your very own fears. It’s a laff for sure.

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