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Olivia Newton-John makes a surprise visit to the rehearsals of Calendar Girls, delighting the cast,

OLIVIA Newton-John has met with the cast of the play of Calendar Girls, a meeting her niece Tottie Goldsmith described as incredibly touching.

Newton-John has always been one of Goldsmith’s biggest supporters, and she caught an Uber out to the rehearsal location, which is about 40 minutes out of Melbourne.

Calendar Girls is based on the film, which tells the stories about a group of British women who make a nude calendar to raise money for the Leukaemia Research Fund, ending up going global.

As Newton-John fights cancer for a second time, and continues to raise money for her ONJ Wellness Centre, the story struck a chord with the Aussie superstar.

“I watched and early rehearsal of Calendar Girls, and even watching a couple of scenes was moving,” Newton-John said.

“The cast is excellent and I can’t wait to see the whole play.”

Goldsmith said her aunty has always been an inspiration to her, and an incredible supporter of hers.

“She came out on her own because she really wanted to see it, it was beautiful,” she said. “It was really nice performing in front of her.

“I didn’t feel nervous at all, because I know she has got my back and she supports me.”

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