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​Peter J Snee is a British-born Creative Producer working in the live entertainment industry.

He trained at Bath Spa University in England, graduating with a BA (Hons) in Performing Arts. Now with 13 years combined work experience in producing, presenting and managing artistic programs and venues, Peter has positioned himself at the forefront of the theatre creation process.  


Peter has traversed the UK, Europe and Australia pursuing his interest in high energy, spectacle theatre and has successfully completed 2 international tours. His dedication to achieving excellence in his style has provided Peter opportunities such as working with the Oscar® Award-winning design studio WETA Workshop (famous for their work on movies such as Lord of the Rings & The Chronicles of Narnia), British Academy Award®-winning writer Stuart Brennan and Australian artistic production house Stage 1 (best known for their annual Myer Christmas window creations).

Peter is inspired by great stories and passionately driven by pursuing opportunities to bring them to life. Applying his finely crafted skills in performer direction, illusion design, music and puppetry he brings theatre to life in a way that has delighted audiences around the world.


Described as a strong and confident leader, Peter thrives on the unpredictable nature of the creative industries; the show must go on.

Since 2015, Peter has been working in Australia, delivering a suite of productions across the country in both residencies and touring shows.

His ever-growing Australian network includes theatre and event producers, arts practitioners, venues, designers and logistics personnel. He has had the pleasure of producing work at Sydney Opera House, Her Majesty's Theatre Melbourne, Adelaide Festival Theatre and Crown Theatre Perth, to name but a few.  

Exemplifying his commitment to best practice and innovation, Peter is committed to professional development, adding to his portfolio of expertise and continuing to refine his creative and management skills.

Peter is a board member for Melbourne Shakespeare Company & in October 2019 Peter was also named as the Editor in Chief for Australian arts and media website

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