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Peter J Snee announces collaboration with choreographer Jon McDougall

Peter J Snee has today announced that he will be joining forces with Jon McDougall on a music video scored by Jeremy Wotton entitled,

'To Where you are'.

'To Where you are' is a story of love, creativity and loss, exploring the reality that love can appear in the strangest of places and at the most inconvenient of times. When a couple come together for the first time it feels like the world stands still and that nothing else matters; the truth however, is sadly different. Is fate predetermined? Is there a way to beat the odds? Should we just accept that sometimes it's just not meant to be.

Peter J Snee says, “I am delighted to be announcing this collaboration, as ever since hearing the track 'To Where you are' a few years ago, I have had a burning passion to bring it to life in visual form. I knew that finding the right choreographer for this piece was not going to be a fast process, but finding Jon McDougall makes the wait worth while. We have already start concepting the piece and and shooting will begin later this month to bring this contemporary ballet to life. I am hugely exited to have the opportunity to bring this work to you."

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