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Murder Mystery Events

Uphill Manor

Written and designed by Peter J Snee


Peter has been devising and producing murder mystery events since his graduation. Initially producing these events to keep his head above water during his university days, Peter would find the 'creepiest' English manor houses and hotels and run events on a Friday evening. 


As his creative ideas and expectations for the events grew, so did the audience numbers. Events were extended to weekend long events and people would travel from all over the country for the latest stories. 


Peter's interest in making the events as authentic as possible meant that audience members were requested to attend in period dress to match the plot line. Food and beverage menus were designed to be period specific and later events also saw audience members witness the murders first hand, as stunt teams were brought in to create murder effects including victims being pushed downstairs, shot through an open window and falling from an upstairs balcony to the lawn area below.

Peter currently has ten murder mystery events that have been re-produced at venues around the world for private, corporate and public entertainment;


  • The Blackwater Manor Murders

  • Death by Chocolate

  • Murder by Magic

  • Murder by Moonlight

  • Murder under the Mistletoe (Christmas themed)

  • More than Murder

  • Misty Lane Murder 

  • The Deadly Romance

  • A Killer Party

  • Beauty to Die For


"I screamed, I laughed, I screamed, I laughed; I screamed"

"A perfectly authentic evening of entertainment"

"Who ever knew murder could be such fun?!"

"A perfect hen night treat - especially that vicar!"

"A perfect night of alternative entertainment"

"I had never been to a murder mystery before, but I'll definitely be coming back for more"

"The cast were hilarious"

"Great storyline, great performers, great night"

"I laughed so hard, I thought I was going to die"

Murder Mystery
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