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Houdini by Stuart Brennan


To be the greatest, you have to be prepared to sacrifice everything.


Harry Houdini was the greatest performer who ever lived, but fame and fortune do not come free. For his brother Theo and his wife Bess, the price may have been too high. This intricate look inside the gripping life story of Houdini explores the devastation that is reaped by ambition, love and jealousy.


Witness the birth of a star. Marvel at his death-defying feats. Prepare to be amazed. Discover the legend. Believe in the magic.

Production Details

Season: August - October 2013

Performance Venues: Stoke-on-Trent Repertory Theatre, Blackpool Grand Theatre, Swansea Grand, Theatre Royal Windsor, Gaiety Theatre Dublin.

Producers: Stuart Brennan & Peter J Snee

Director: Peter J Snee

Assistant Director: Preece Killick

Set Designer: Mike Adams

Lighting Designer: HSL

Sound Designer: Daffyd Gough

Illusion Consultant: Andrew Van Buren

Peter had the pleasure of working with WETA Workshop to develop stage concepts for this production.

Click here to view a larger version of WETA's digital script interpretations.



Harry Houdini: Jamie Nichols

Bess Houdini: Evanna Lynch

Theodore Houdini: Stuart Brennan

Martin Beck: Mark Lyminster

Douglas Geoffrey: Ion Ridge

Charlie Chaplin: Mark Paul Wake

Ensemble: Javan Hirst, Sophie Wright, Michael Chase, Kieran Joyce, Sarah Dungworth

Photography credit: Thiery Sewel et al

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