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Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories

Production Details

Season 1: July / August 2015

Performance Venue: Sydney Opera House

Producer / Director: Peter J Snee

Assistant Director: Jennifer Sarah Dean

Set Designer: Crayon

Lighting Designer: Christopher Page

Sound Designer: Lana Kristensen

Season 2: August - October 2016

Performance Venues: Geelong Performing Arts Centre, Adelaide Festival Centre, National Theatre Melbourne, Civic Theatre Wagga Wagga, Canberra Theatre Centre, Heath Ledger Theatre, Perth. 

Producer: Peter J Snee

Director: Peter J Snee

Co-Director: Jennifer Sarah Dean

Set Designer: Jaz Wickson

Lighting Designer: Christopher Page

Sound Designer: Lana Kristensen

Special Effects Designer: Australian FX Studio

Ghost Stories by Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson


It horrified London, it petrified Sydney and now this haunting psychological thriller is touring Australia. 

Seen by half a million people worldwide, Ghost Stories is a truely terrifying theatrical experience that will make you laugh and scream in equal measures. 

Written by the masters of the macabre, Ghost Stories combines the very best of live theatre with all the thrills of a great horror movie and despite being blood and gore free, Ghost Stories will take you on a chilling journey you'll never forget. 



Professor Goodman: Lynden Jones

Tony Mathews: John Gregg

Simon Rifkind: Aleks Mikić / Tim Franklin

Mike Priddle: Ben Wood



Professor Goodman: Stuart Brennan

Tony Mathews: Richard Moss

Simon Rifkind: Matt Connell

Mike Priddle: Brian Markey

Desi Callahan: Johnathan Peck

U/S: Ben Adams

U/S: Paul Robertson

Alex Mikic
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