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Those naughty Avenue Q puppets are hitting town for a short time

Avenue Q The Musical is back for a short run at Her Majesty's. For those who haven't caught Avenue Qbefore, it's a bit like seeing Peter Jackson's Meet the Feebles live on stage or Sesame Street on acid. The Tony Award-winning Broadway show follows the exploits of a puppet called Princeton as he navigates life in the Big Apple and includes totally wrongtown tunes, such as 'Everyone's a Little Bit Racist' and 'The Internet is for Porn'. The show includes three human actors and 11 puppets, some of whom parody Sesame Street characters. In a case of giving the finger to their previous employer, all of the show's original puppeteers were ex-Sesame Street. During the show, the puppeteers are visible and it's a lark watching their antics. This is definitely not one for the kids – expect plenty of swearing, nude puppets, felt sex and excessive boozing.

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